While we are not a full service jewelry shop, there are many services we provide. These are just some of the more common ones. We clean and check all types of jewelry for worn areas and missing parts, this is normally done while you wait and at no charge.

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Although repair is not the main thrust of our business, we have been doing them for many years. Keith began repairing jewelry while at the Jewelers Building in Boston in 1970 working in a trade shop that repaired jewelry for stores all over New England. After moving back to New Hampshire, he worked at several stores before opening his own trade shop that for many years repaired items for a number of area stores. Lilo began repair while working for Bucherer's in Switzerland and resumed repairs upon immigrating to the US. She then joined Keith in the wholesale business before opening Kramer & Hall.

Items repaired over the past 40 years or so include a 14th century silver bible, a Japanese export chalice, antique pocket watch cases, Edwardian period diamond pins and lavalieres, many Victorian and art deco pieces, plus countless diamond watch attachments, rings, pins, bracelets, earrings, etc. The list is just too long to cover everything. Although we now turn away most of the larger non jewelry items due to time and space, we continue to repair and/or restore quality jewelry items made of precious metals and gemstones. We do reserve the right to turn away items that were poorly made to begin with as they seldom hold up even after repair. We can many times repair a previous repair done incorrectly by an inexperienced jeweler and restore the item to its original condition.

We now have a state-of-the-art Rofin Performance™ laser welder that allows us to make repairs of higher quality than ever before. This is especially true with platinum and is the only method to correctly repair your fine platinum jewelry. This also allows us to repair many fine antique pieces which have been unrepairable in the past.

liloQuality repair is not an instant process – it takes time to do a good job. We will not rush any job to the point of doing a sloppy repair. Repairs done "while you wait" or quickly, are rarely done well, and many times can actually destroy a really nice item. Our turnaround times vary on each piece and can range between two weeks and six months or more in some cases. If speed is more important than quality, maybe we're not "your kind" of shop. If however you're looking for quality repair work at a fair price and are willing to wait to have it done correctly, please bring it to us for an examination, estimate, and approximate time frame for the repair. We do not accept items shipped to us without former approval.


We do appraisals on pieces of jewelry that we have sold, repaired or restored and on some quality pieces when we have the time to do so.

As a graduate gemologist with 30 years experience, Lilo does the appraisals for insurance and estate purposes. Insurance appraisals reflect what we believe we can reproduce an item for in our shop, should it be lost or stolen, and are readily accepted by insurance companies.

Estate appraisals show market value of an item should an estate wish to sell or divide up items among the heirs.

We do not appraise items that are meant for sale or private purchase, or on the internet. Nor will we give an opinion on what an item may be worth without a thoroughly written appraisal.