Keith's Korner

Friendly suggestions and advice on caring for your precious jewelry.


If there were one tip I'd like everyone to remember it is to beware of chlorine. With the trend to disinfect everything, it is in our lives more than we realize. The problem is that chlorine, bromine and other chlorine like chemicals eat the alloys in karat gold. This process happens on the inside and does not show up until cracks appear and prongs begin to fall off. Unfortunately we can not see if this is happening, not even in the microscope, until it is too late, and it is becoming very common we see it in our shop weekly.

While hot tubs and swimming pools are most of the problem, (we recommend removing gold and silver items before entering either one) other household products, like cleansers and car care solutions such as those used for white wall tires, will also destroy your favorite pieces. So please read the labels and when in doubt remove your favorite ring or at least wear rubber gloves. We hope this little bit of knowledge will make your jewelry last for years.

Check back often for helpful tips to care for your precious jewelry.