Keith's Korner

Friendly suggestions and advice on caring for your precious jewelry.


A lot of our customers ask about caring for different types of jewelry.
One of the frequent queries is about pearls. Pearls are probably the best buy in today's market as they are not affected by gold prices and competition among producing countries has become fierce. The quality of product has dramatically improved over the past decade and prices have dropped.

As pearls are an organic gem, they require slightly different care from other types of jewelry. They should be occasionally wiped with a soft cloth or tissue. Take time to do each pearl separately, being careful not to pull on the strand, which would stretch them prematurely. Do not soak strands as that will rot the cord on which they are strung. Store them in a pearl folder or soft bag when not in use. Pearls are harmed by hair spray and perfume! If you use hair spray, put on your pearls after it has dried. If you wear perfume, try not to apply it to areas that will come in contact with the strand.

How often to re-string? If you wear your pearls often or most every day, about once a year may be necessary. If worn occasionally, then once every five years or so may be just fine. You can check by carefully seeing if the pearls move between the knots. Check for fraying at the clasp. As they wear they will stretch and the pearls will loosen.

Pearl earrings and rings can be cleaned with a damp cloth or in a very mild soap solution. Do not let them soak, as that will weaken the glue and can damage the pearl. This is a good time to check if the glue is still good. Simply pulling on the pearls will tell if the bond is still secure. Better to pull the pearl off when doing this then have it fall off later.

So enjoy wearing your treasures and if cared for properly they will last for a lifetime.